Novadoz is the business unit of MSN Group that markets the company’s finished dosage products. MSN was started by our namesake leader, Dr. MSN Reddy in 2003. The company has taken its place as a leading, and world-class organization in the API industry. It is well respected, and one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India. The company is engaged in the formulation and manufacturing of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients). The organization has 10 API manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad which serves over 350 customers including the majority of major US generic pharma companies.

The API developing and manufacturing facilities have been continuously audited by the FDA since 2008 without any major 483 observations. The company’s strong adherence to FDA regulations has helped build the trust amongst our customers as a quality supplier. MSN continues its pursuit of becoming the largest API supplier in the world through our R&D team’s expertise in the development, and continuous (and timely) submission of DMFs (Drug Master Files) to the FDA.

MSN’s impressive FDA record of accomplishment, experience, and unwavering commitment to quality makes the company’s API facilities a preferred & trusted provider to generic pharma companies throughout the world.

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API Development and Manufacturing