Photo of Dr. MSN

DR MSN Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director

With a very modest & compassionate background, Dr. MSN Reddy is dedicated to bringing world-class medicines within the economic & geographic reach of millions of patients worldwide.  As the Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of MSN Laboratories Pvt. Ltd the company has achieved acclaim as one of the most successful pharmaceutical R&D & manufacturing companies in the world.

Dr. MSN’s success starts with his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Osmania University, India.  His steady career trajectory starts as chemist, to the position of Head of Research and Development for one of the leading India generic drug companies before venturing out as an entrepreneur in 2003.  As a visionary and builder of a successful company, his values are a distinct part of the company’s culture.

Dr. MSN believes that execution is the key to success and impeccable execution is only possible with an outstanding team. The company’s approach is to nurture talent to produce longevity amongst its employees.   He has been recognized throughout India for his outstanding contribution in creating employment in pharmaceutical and scientific sectors of the country.

Bharat Reddy Executive Director

Bharat Reddy, Executive Director

Bharat Reddy is the Executive Director of the MSN group of companies. Bharat has accomplished background that spans over twenty (20) years. His expertise and experience includes background in the Life sciences, Pharmaceuticals, and Information Technology.

Bharat holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida, Masters in Computer Science from Florida Atlantic University, and a third Masters Degree from Clemson University.

As an Executive Director, Bharat plays a significant role in MSN’s global pharmaceutical operations, and sales and marketing. His expertise in developing market specific business strategies coupled with strong emphasis in creating brand identity helped further the MSN Group’s presence throughout the world. Bharat manages all aspects of the organization’s day-to-day Business Formulation, Business Development, Manufacturing and Information Technology.

Seshu Akula

Seshu Akula, President North America Generics

Seshu Akula career spans more than twenty-eight (28) years with an emphasis on executive management, business development, and corporate strategy.  Having a long-term affiliation with the founding family of the MSN Group of companies, he is fully aligned with the corporate culture of the organization.  His career starts as the head of business development for one of India’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies.  His educational background includes a degree in Pharmaceutical Science from BITS, Pilani, India, and a Masters Degree in Business management from TAPMI, India.

Seshu has achieved a high level of business success in markets throughout the world including India, Europe, and North & South America.  His balance of business and scientific strategic planning is at the core of the company’s future growth.  With a keen understanding of regulatory, formulation and manufacturing disciplines, he will put forth a strategy to grow the organization with a focus on niche and high barrier of entry products.

As one of the founding members of Novadoz Pharmaceuticals, his vision and strong leadership will provide a steady path to success in the U.S market.